Internet Kiosk Pro

Internet Kiosk Pro 7.4

It's a program that helps you to to convert your PC into an Internet kiosk

Internet Kiosk Pro is a program that helps you to to convert your PC into an Internet kiosk or a public access PC. Set it up to completely disable access to vital files installed on your PC and give full access to all necessary applications users should use. Create a workstation that can be safely used under public environment, where a lot of people have free access to it, but none of them can damage system files or clutter your HDD with garbage. Enable access to any programs installed on your PC including Internet Explorer, mail client and office applications..
Internet Kiosk Pro lets you use several authentication modes to access locked desktop such as username and password authentication, time-locked code to allow users to access workstation for a given period of time only, or a combination of both.

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